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:D Yo

2010-04-02 06:19:18 by dicennian

Check my songs y'all citizens of newgroundz!


2009-11-28 10:38:11 by dicennian

Check my songs instead of reading this bullshit ;)

Yo - Citizens of Newgrounds

2009-08-16 14:41:18 by dicennian

I think I'm going to do more stuff like "technology saves the day" in the future!

Yo - Citizens of Newgrounds

Yo - Newgroundz

2009-07-04 14:43:44 by dicennian

Hello Citizens of Newgrounds!

I know that not many people will see this post and therefore I won't get too much answers. But I still want to ask this question. Which one of my songs is your favorite and should I create much music like that?

Yo - Newgroundz

A New Post?

2009-04-12 14:03:24 by dicennian

Yeah, this is my second post here on Newgrounds. The first one wasn't much of a success was it? Well, not that this one will be better. I really got nothing to talk about, I'm simply filling out. Well, if anyone is reading this, go check out my songs and write a review of stuff I should improve. I really need to be more critisized.

A New Post?

My first post!

2008-12-20 14:58:11 by dicennian

Why am I posting this? god knows...
I'm just posting to make my profile look less empty I guess. Anyways! sooner I maybe will post something that makes sense right here, who knows?